webinar GRATUITO / Innovative Learning on Smart Networks @POLIMI 

Innovative Learning

The future of networking is influenced by three concepts: softwarization, virtualization and disaggregation. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are the two innovations that embody the first two concepts in network control and application verticals, while disaggregation of the optical equipment is the major trend on the data plane.

ADVA, IWAY and People@DEIB-PoliMi have cooperated to organize an Innovative Learning course which has offered students the opportunity of understanding these concepts and of practically experimenting with them on a real Edge cloud powered by a huge-bandwidth optical network. Students have been guided to team-develop projects on Software-Defined-Networking and Edge-computing use cases.

The lab equipment has been fully provided by ADVA. PoliMi teached the necessary theoretical background, while instructors and tutors from ADVA and IWAY guided students in their lab work and illustrated the business impact of these technologies. The course was open to all master students in Telecommunications and Internet Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering.


Basic information

Smart Networks and Service Orchestration is an extra-curricular course. The total effort required from students was equivalent to 4 CFU (40 hours classes/lab, 60 hours home study).

It was open to master students of the tracks: Telecommunication Engineering, Internet Engineering, Computer Science Engineering. The final evaluation will be based only on projects carried out by teams of students.


Use cases

Use cases as project works were assigned by considering topics relevant to the course and among them:

  • Integration into ODL / ONOS (e.g. Application on top of ODL)
  • Streaming Telemetry (Querying of PM data via NETCONF subscription; gRPC)
  • Setup of Service Chains (VNF Onboarding: public domain, open source VNFs)



  • [Prof. Guido Maier – POLITECNICO]: The innovative teaching project @POLIMI. News and importance of the course.
  • [Pasquale Magliacano – IWAY]: NFV technology: introduction
  • [Luca Guidastri – ADVA]: ADVA NFV & SDN: architecture and details. Advantages and flexibility of the Ensemble solution
  • Students’ opinion: their experience
  • Platform Demo
  • Q&A

IWAY è partner di ADVA certificato su tutto il portfolio prodotti. Dal trasporto WDM Metro e DCI al Sincronismo, dalle tecnologie NFV-SDN alle soluzioni di Fiber Monitoring. Un universo di soluzioni al servizio dei nostri clienti.

Quando: Giovedì 4 Giugno h 11.00
Durata: 1h
Modalità: webinar GRATUITO



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