Today’s competitive context, the big amount of available information, the quick changes and the growing competition, speeded-up by Internet, result in the need for paying a strong attention to the personal competences development. The need for developing the intellectual asset will always be a strategic lever for Companies and a value for individual people.
For those who deal with Know How Management, as we do, training plays a fundamental role, in all of its different forms: for this reason, we specially emphasize ease of use, fast delivery, and flexible tools, driven not by technologies, but rather by the actual users’ requirements.
At IWAY, we start the training process by identifying the training needs, which are usually related not only to the development opportunities, but also to the need for filling existing gaps, by designing and proposing a solution that takes account of customers’ requirements, quality system, strategies and the specific Company’s structures, by integrating IT tools potentials and by traditional classroom training.

Instructor led

For us, training people means enabling our customers to invest in their own human resources, by making them capable of keeping in pace with the technological progress and facing the new Company’s needs, ready to anticipate new developments and new objectives.
Wherever possible, IWAY supports the training process with dedicated practical activities, in such a way as to supplement theoretical issues with practical ones, thus ensuring a 360° wide usage.
The training course is designed and implemented according to the specifications provided by our customers, who grant the access to the site/didactic system and to the research and development documents.
The implementation of the training course also comprises the preparation of slides or didactic manuals.


In IWAY e-learning stands for "experienced learning", as a matter of fact we think the method that the development is based on a very important factor. We always take, and provide extended guarantees for, the responsibility for the training paths and for monitoring the learning, supported by an evaluation of the results.

We design and implement Web-based (WBT) or Computer-based (CBT) self-learning courses, which results in a strong synergy between method and technology, thanks to which it is possible to provide training courses to a wide basin of users, while retaining the effectiveness of the traditional methods and significantly saving costs.
IWAY supports Companies in setting, implementing and managing a self-training system which can be supplemented, on request, by a wide range of on-site trainings and ancillary services, in such a way as to provide a “turn key” service to its customers. The activity is carried out through the collaboration of a team dedicated to the project and formed of a tutor, a number of technical specialists, a number of technical writers, draughtsmen, designers, and programmers; specifically, the tutor plays the crucial role of that who shall transfer a mental model through a number of learning paths, not only provides information structured in such a way as to manage the situations.
IWAY offers its partnership for the development of multimedia applications related to technical education. A project team, covering all issues from the graphics down to the specific technology, to the implementation of the story-board and to its realization, operates as an interface to the Know How sources in order to deploy training applications destined to technicians operating in the telecommunications and information technology sectors. The application is delivered on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM stand-alone or on web server for WBT applications, in accordance with the customers’ requests.
Our training courses conform to the AICC and SCORM international standards dealing with remote training management, which allow to provide advanced functionalities, including user tracking, evaluation tests, reporting, and in-depth analysis materials.

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