Professional Services

IWAY is working for Telecom Italia S.p.A. in the Professional Services field in order to give a support in the design, EAI (Electromagnetic Analysis Impact), public permits' management, the static structures' calculation, executive projects, supervision of works and related responsibility.
The approach to the large volume of assigned tasks and the need to ensure an efficient and fast analysis of electromagnetic impact, in line with required quality standards, led us to the in house development of a tool for Android tablets.
This tool takes advantage of the platform capabilities (GPS, camera, 3G connectivity, gyroscope) as well as the web services by Google Map to manage the data collection both related to the measurement points (GPS coordinates, height above sea level, angles etc.) and the recognition of sensitive points by loading the coordinates of schools, hospitals and other public facilities, both instrumentally measured data, and support of photographic elements, representing all on a georeferenced map and allowing the automatic collected data transmission to the WEB server for post-processing.
Let's have a look to Youtube (in italian language)!

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