The need for adequate security is a fact of life. The business and reputation cost of poor security is now too high for most Companies. Security policy standards, regulatory and industry compliance mean comprehensive security is mandatory.
IWAY helps its own Customers to take a comprehensive approach to reviewing, complying and mitigating their business risks ensuring that they balance the user experience with protection. We offer:

Network Security Healthcheck

IWAY’s Network Security Healthcheck is designed to audit the security of the entire network infrastructure. The assessment begins with a detailed review of individual device configurations and a comparison to industry best practices to assess overall stability, reliability and defensive posture. The service also examines current firewall policies, looking for obsolete or inefficient objects and rules. We document all service requirements and recommend appropriate consolidation, enhancement and risk mitigation actions.

Security Architecture Services

IWAY’s Security Architecture Services are dedicated to help our Customers to develop, implement and monitor security in their infrastructure, so it is possible to anticipate, identify and manage IT & Network threats and risks before they impact the business. A Customer tailored services' suite for unique security strategies and technologies.

Security Deployment & Integration

With so much important data residing on our Customer's network, the requirement is to ensure that the security solution is deployed correctly and integrated effectively to avoid data loss or negative effect on employees’ productivity or time. Each deployment is planned and customized to the specific environment before integration begins and is then followed up with testing and adjusting to ensure it integrates smoothly. 

IWAY offers strong skills in integrating security solutions into the network infrastructure. IWAY's solutions include: 

Intrusion Prevention 

Protect your networked infrastructure by blocking malicious traffic before it impacts the network. Preventative, high performance, available

Intrusion Detection 

Providing comprehensive network protection, helping to block threats and unauthorized access from inside and outside your network. Supporting corporate security policies and meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Unified Threat Management 

In complex enterprise environments, a centralized, multi-layered approach to security provides an integrated approach including firewall, intrusion prevention and content security.

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