Our Business

IWAY provides agility to international organizations with a world-class technology expertise. We’re driven by our Customers and by technologies' evolution and focused on providing the right solution every time and everywhere, by featuring the necessary flexibility and managing characteristics.

IWAY supports its Customers to reach challenging business, achieving expected Time-to-Market, functionalities and Quality of Service, distinctive characteristics for a Brand in the aggressive TLC market scenario. IWAY offers Network Services and Solutions aimed to improve Operators and Telecom Vendors networks efficiency through highly skilled task teams and best market tools. 

We offer Telecom and Network engineered products and services through a professional portfolio able to satisfy most Customers’ needs. IWAY operates as a high-quality technical partner offering its own experience and a deep knowledge of all communication network issues.

IWAY’s expertise, built on several years’ experience, independent figures, optimized measurements and solution oriented hints, help our Customers to get the best balance between QoS and Telecom Networks’ costs. By means of our data drilling analysis approach we can identify Telecom network weaknesses and suggest possible countermeasures with improvement plans and resource analysis.

IWAY works on a commonly defined quality platform with SLAs, shared risks and rewards and Customers’ targets in terms of costs and quality. IWAY offers professional hands key services in Drive Testing activities assessments, post-processing, Access and Backbone analysis and optimization to complete the network improvement life cycle.

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