Network Tools

IWAY, on the base of its ten-year-long mobile network experience, developed an android based application able to collect low level 2G/3G/LTE radio. In detail the following radio data are collected with time and GPS positioning: 
- 3G Network Info (Cell ID, LAC, ARFCN, PSC, Signal (Ec/No))
-  Signal Graph (WCDMA, WiFi RSSI Graph)
- 3G Info (MCC, MNC, PSC, UARFCN, RSCP, Ec/No, CN, RNC, Node-B, Sector, FA, Flag)
- Cell Reselection List
- PSC List
- RSCP Graph (RSCP graph for each PSC, PSC, FA, RSCP)
- Ec/No Graph (Ec/No for each PSC, PSC, FA, Ec/No)
- Active PSC Info (MCC, MNC, Cell ID, LAC, PSC, ARFCN, RSCP, Ec/No)
IPMON screenshots

The same application is able to recover statistical information on IP network performances by rebuilding both forward and backward stream of packets. The bi-directionality of the TCP flow analysis allows the derivation of statistics (such as, for example, the congestion window size, out-of-sequence segments, duplicated segments, etc.) which are collected by distinguishing both clients and servers layer, and in particular to the TCP and RTP/RTCP protocols. 
In detail it is possible to collect data on:
- TCP Segments >> statistics related to individual TCP segments
- TCP Flows >> statistics related to TCP flows
- UDP Layer >> statistics related to UDP flows
- Streaming Flows >>  statistics related to streaming flows
- RTCP Flows >> statistics related to RTCP protocol
- HTTP Flows >> statistics related to HTTP protocol

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