Smart Retail e Smart City

Smart Retail
As part of the restructuring of the shop retails of one of the most important Italian operators, Iway has been taking care of specifying the guidelines for the technological realization of the Multimedia Stores defining also the connectivity networks of all technologies present in the new media stores.
IWAY experts have developed the skills to operate effectively and in synergy with the customer project team to achieve all the objectives and agreed milestones. In particular, the engineering team has been involved in providing the design guidelines for queue management devices, the digital signage platform, the audio platform, the counting equipment, proximity beacons and self caring.
Smart City
The increasing interest that municipalities are showing toward the paradigm of smart city demonstrates how the rethinking of urban areas has now become a priority for companies like Iway investing intechnology and innovation.
The ICT consolidated know-how allows Iway to position themself at the forefront of the enabling technologies specialists for the transformation of the towns into Smart Cities, with particular reference to the consolidated experience in the design and management of mobile and fiber-optic networks, in data center planning, in Virtualization, Storage technologies and in Big Data Management.

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