Information is the life blood of every modern business. As an independent specialist in the Know How management area, IWAY supports its Customers with a set of documentation solutions, able to meet any requirements, however complex they are.


Our solutions are not standard, in that we recognize that every product or service has its own peculiar objectives. We evaluate the actual requirements and match our services to the specific characteristics of each project, in order for them to be fully met. IWAY takes advantage of graduate engineers, graphical and industrial designers and Web designers featuring the experience and ability necessary to provide high quality documentation for technical products. The success of such products or systems greatly depends on the accessibility to quality information. 

IWAY's technicians are trained to and expert in describing complex concepts: they can quickly identify, recover, and report information in the most usable way, without affecting the continuity of the design activities that the developers are destined to. IWAY does believe that documentation shall improve and integrate the offer of the product. Too often designers are committed to produce documentation, but not always they are prepared to such a task or exactly know how to meet the needs of the task assigned thereto or have the time necessary to do it.


Technology is continually evolving in order to meet the ever-changing Customer requirements. Our products always integrate new functionalities to find the best trade-off between performance and easiness of use. The more complex the product or the service offered, the more important is offering clear, effective and immediately usable information. Such an information is not just a simple or mandatory add-on, but is an integral part of the product itself. 

Our offers make it possible to tailor documentation solutions capable of meeting not only your needs, but also those of your Customers, a special attention being paid to innovation issues and money saving, however complex are your documentation requirements. A project manager interfaces to R&D’s people together with the technical writers, to exchange information and get the necessary feedbacks. Wherever required, document are edited and delivered according to Company’s specific models and masters.


Our ability to offer a, possibly contextual, on-line help system to users enriches the product with a high added value, in that it brings the use of that product or service real to them. IWAY is in a position to equip your products with the on-line helps or hypertext documentation systems, as a function of the platform actually used. It is also possible to use the existing documentation and make it suitable for an hypertext navigation, after converting and adapting it. For this purpose, a preliminary study allows to design an help system which is born from the consideration of the user’s point of view: the necessary information at the right time and in the correct position. An on-line documentation system, integrated into the software, featuring a pleasant graphical impact harmonized with the system requirements, optimized in its contents and its presentation, makes a product clear and more usable and considerably helps its user. 

User Approach
We do always analyse information access from the user’s point of view. A user needs useful information, i.e. information pertaining to the activity in progress, presented in the right place and mode. 

On-line or hard copy?
The medium used to deliver the product to the final user shall be selected with the goal of meeting both commercial and functional criteria. The on-line version is cheaper in that it avoids the printing and distribution costs, and offers a product that is permanently updated with its respective software. An electronic format can be associated with the on-line version, to enable those users who prefer to use hard copies to easily print them.

Technical Translations

IWAY offers specific technical translations for the telecommunications, electronics, and information technology segments; translations from and into English and/or other languages, supported by the use of a permanently updated and effective glossary.

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