Iway si adegua al Regolamento UE 2016\679 sulla Protezionedei Dati Personali (GDPR)

Iway s.r.l., alla luce del nuovo Regolamento UE 2016\679 sulla Protezione dei Dati Personali (GDPR), ha aggiornato la dichiarazione di riservatezza per spiegare come vengono raccolti i dati, i motivi per i quali questi vengono trattati ed i diritti degli interessati. ...

IWAY announces the launch new Web Site for summer 2018

After 18 years of activity IWAY relaunch his commitment first of all in the innovations fileds. Projects, partnerships, training: this view of the future needs of powerful visibility. The project to modernize our Web Portal rises from this new scenario, the need to have an appropriate tool stayed in step with new technologies that could support our business and our Clients. ...

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